fun with functions in javascript

I always had a love-hate kind of relationship with JavaScript. Like most other Software Engineers out there, my base of programming is rooted in Structural and Object Oriented Programming.

I was born in it, moulded by it.

I was very much delighted when the latest ES versions sugar coated Javascript’s prototypal inheritance with the familiar classes. I always ignored the raw powers inherited by functions being a first class citizen in JavaScript. Then, I came across functional programming. Things changed.

I scoured various online blogs and tutorials about this new buzzword (apparently it’s older than me, mathematically speaking :P). They ranged from pure academical rhetoric to the practical applications. One that stood out for me was a YouTube channel which gave a very oddball, crazy, entertaining but crystal clear explanation of functional programming (in JavaScript).

Thanks @mpj, for such an awesome channel!

Other than it, few good reads suggested on multiple places:

Will be posting some of my experiments with the functional programming soon.
Happy coding!

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